Thursday, March 17, 2016

WhatsApp Trick 1 | How to Hide Private Stuff without Application.

Hello Guys,
           I have observed most of the time bachelors have one questions about how to hack WhatsApp which is the most popular chatting application which is acquire by Facebook Inc.

I thought to share one trick with you all to hide files/video/music/ pics etc without 3rd party application..

I have studied application functionality which are available in Google play which claims to hide pics and videos. 
The application directly change the extension of the files e.g. test.jpg to xcdsc.jdw (most of the application use their own extension to hide apps from Gallery and from Search.)

Simple trick go to file Manager. in setting there is options to show/hide directories. we will make a use of it.

Create any folder e.g. "Whatsapp" put all your private stuff which you want to hide from anyone (especially from Mom/Dad/Bro/Sis/Friends).

Search it or go to Gallery.  yes of course it will be visible.

Now do little change in the folder name "WhatsApp" to ".WhatsApp"
I have only added "." (dot) before the folder name.

Now you are not able to get the folder in Gallery.


WhatsApp treat this type of file as system file and hide it from normal user view. to unhide you have to go to file manager and apply the setting "show/hide directory" to view it.

Its Done.

Please comment on the article and in case any difficulties contact me to get it done.